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The Rollercoaster Nears the Summit (9 days left)

Aloha all!  Apologies for the substantial gap between when we last were able to podcast or even write a blog post.  To say we’ve been busy, is the very definition of understatement. 

So let’s quickly bulletpoint what’s transpired since I last posted:

  1. I quit my job (9/30)
  2. I shipped my civic to the island (9/28)
  3. We received our POD (10/1)
  4. We found an amazing house close to the beach for the same price as we’re currently paying. They down payment has been send and the contract signed. (10/8)
  5. We filled the POD, and had it sent off to be with the civic. (10/14)
  6. And now we’ve just turned on the utilities, at the new house. (10/20)
  7. I’ll be scheduling utilities to be shut off here on 11/1

So that’s the summary. Now here’s the fine print. 
We are literally just pulling in the cash to make this happen. 

So when one asks: “About how much does it take to move a family of 5 with 3 cats and 2 cars to the island of Maui.” I can give a pretty specific answer that for us it was about $19,500.  This includes: 

  • The airline tickets: $1600
  • The cost of shipping a POD $4500
  • Shipping 2 cars via Matson $2140
  • Finding a rental $5700
  • Getting the cats immunized and stored until their quarantine period ended $3000
  • Paying for a Airbnb that I didn’t use $1500
  • Utilities $450
  • Luggage $200
  • Assorted items needed for the move $1000 (mostly needed before the flight)

So that’s the main stuff, we’ve (Mayra) has has been doing a phenomenal job of keeping our Facebook page updated. We’re going to really start populating this site properly once we get to the island. But for now, the next week is full for us. And if there’s going to be an update it will probably be best to watch it via Facebook where we’ll be live streaming our departure, landing, and first steps on our new island home. 

See ya soon!

A Happy Introduction!